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Name CIRO (click to view pedigree)
Owner Unknown
Breeder Vincenzo Consiglio
Gender male
father DIUS
Ped# AG97L9942 ; LO00121613
Titles It.Ch
Extra titles
DOB 1995/06/16
Colour Black/Nero
ED Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Other healthscores first generation pedigree
DSRA Result Certified NO
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71 Animals found.
Name Ped# Titles DOB Color HD Date of death
ADEN LI99103188 1998/12/18 Unknown unknown Unknown
ANITA LI99103185 1998/12/18 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
ANUSKA LI99103187 1998/12/18 Unknown unknown Unknown
APOLO DE VALE TOUROS LOP 253077 YYYY/MM/DD Black/Nero unknown Unknown
ARAMIS LI99103182 1998/12/18 Unknown unknown Unknown
ARNOLD LI99103184 1998/12/18 Unknown unknown Unknown
ASIA LI99103189 1998/12/18 Unknown unknown Unknown
ATOS LI99103181 1998/12/18 Unknown unknown Unknown
BEPPE NHSB BYL.G-1-2396261 2001/10/01 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
BRIGANTE LI0475951 2004/01/02 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
BRUTO LI0475950 2004/01/02 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
BUFERA LI0475949 2004/01/02 Black/Nero HD C Unknown
BUMBUM LI0475948 2004/01/02 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
CALLIOPE LI0540095 2004/09/20 Unknown unknown Unknown
CAMILLA LI9954686 1998/09/10 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
CASUR LI9954681 1998/09/10 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
CERBERO LI0426949 2003/10/03 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
CESARE LI0426950 2003/10/03 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
CESTER LI9954693 1998/09/10 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
CINDY LI9954688 1998/09/10 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
CIRANO LI0426948 2003/10/03 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
CIRCE LI0426952 2003/10/03 Black brindle/Nero tigrato HD B Unknown
CIRIANO LI0540091 2004/09/20 Unknown unknown Unknown
CIRO LI99140131 1999/04/19 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
CLEOPE LI9954700 1998/09/10 Unknown unknown Unknown
CLIO LI9954690 1998/09/10 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
CONAN LI9954677 1998/09/10 Unknown unknown Unknown
CONNY LI9954687 1998/09/10 Unknown unknown Unknown
CORINNA LI0426951 2003/10/03 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
ENEA LI0540092 2004/09/20 Unknown unknown Unknown
ETTORE LI99140133 1999/04/19 Unknown unknown Unknown
EUTERPE LI0540094 2004/09/20 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
EVITA LI0540097 2004/09/20 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
GRINGO LI99103183 1998/12/18 Unknown unknown Unknown
KARONTE LI99126324 1999/01/16 Unknown unknown Unknown
KASSIOPEA LI99126334 1999/01/16 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
KENIA LI99126332 1999/01/16 Unknown unknown Unknown
KERRY LI99126331 1999/01/16 Unknown unknown Unknown
KIRK LI99126323 1999/01/16 Unknown unknown Unknown
KUDY LI99126330 1999/01/16 Unknown unknown Unknown
ONYX NHSB BYL.G-1-2396257 2001/10/01 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
OPIUM NHSB BYL.G-1-2396260; FCPR RI-W3.776 2001/10/01 Black/Nero PennHip Unknown
OUTLAW NHSB BYL.G-1-2396258 2001/10/01 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
PERICLE LI0540096 2004/09/20 Unknown unknown Unknown
PRIAMO LI0540093 2004/09/20 Unknown unknown Unknown
RUNE LI0540090 2004/09/20 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
SILENE LI0159461 2000/09/09 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
SILIO LI0159462 2000/09/09 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
SILVER LI0159460 2000/09/09 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
SINDHI LI0159464 2000/09/09 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
SIUM LI0159458 2000/09/09 Black brindle/Nero tigrato HD B Unknown
SOFAR LI0159459 2000/09/09 Black brindle/Nero tigrato HD A Unknown
SOIRE' LI0159463 2000/09/09 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
SOREL LI0159465 2000/09/09 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
STEFANY NHSB BYL.G-1-2396259 2001/10/01 Brindle/Tigrato HD B Unknown
TESEO LI0260467 2002/01/15 Unknown unknown Unknown
TRONO LI0260464 2002/01/15 Black/Nero HD A Unknown
WALLI' DELLA PORTA DIPINTA LI0217428 2001/09/26 Unknown unknown Unknown
WALTER DELLA PORTA DIPINTA LI0217424 2001/09/26 Black/Nero HD D Unknown
WEBBER DELLA PORTA DIPINTA LI0217425 2001/09/26 Brindle/Tigrato HD A Unknown
WENDY DELLA PORTA DIPINTA LI0217426 2001/09/26 Brindle/Tigrato HD A Unknown
WINONA DELLA PORTA DIPINTA LI0217427 2001/09/26 Unknown unknown Unknown
XANA LI0065700 2000/01/02 Unknown unknown Unknown
XARA LI0065702 ; ICCF 0400052 2000/01/02 Black/Nero HD C Unknown
YAGO LI01124623 2001/02/23 Fawn/Fulvo unknown Unknown
YARIS LI01124628 2001/02/23 Red/Fulvo scuro HD C Unknown
YORK LI01124625 2001/02/23 Unknown unknown Unknown
YUGO LI01124622 2001/02/23 Unknown unknown Unknown
YUMA LI99140134 1999/04/19 Unknown unknown Unknown
YUMA LI01124629 2001/02/23 Unknown unknown Unknown
YURAN LI01124626 2001/02/23 Unknown unknown Unknown
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